• Kendall Bailey

5 Mindfulness Tips for Peace During Chaotic Times

First COVID-19, self-isolation and now a racial crisis in America. There’s no doubt that we're all collectively experiencing fear, pain, anger, and sadness in recent times. The term Apocalypse has been thrown around and rightly so.

The term Apocalypse is rooted in Greek, meaning an 'unveiling' or 'unfolding' of things not previously known. True to its meaning, recent world events are forcing the curtain to be raised, unveiling the society and inequality we've created. This is now a moment of massive transformation, asking us to truly look at ourselves and our shadows to create a better reality for everyone.

But we have to face challenging times before things get better. It's expected for us to feel a wave of changing emotions as the earth, our society and ourselves go through this massive transformation that calls us to face what has been in the shadows before we experience a new beginnings.

Mindfulness and meditation helps us in these these chaotic times. If you're new to mindfulness it's a “conscious, unattached, non-judgemental awareness” according to Deepak Chopra. It's useful to bring clarity to our minds and more insight, intuition, and creativity into our lives, which is definitely needed now.

Here are five tips for to bring more mindfulness and peace to your daily life during these turbulent times:

1. Do every day tasks mindfully

Stop and ask yourself if you are aware at any given moment. Taking the moment to stop and ask yourself questions about whether you are aware and what you are aware of will bring you to the present moment. For example, what emotions am I feeling right now?

2. Use seemingly mundane moments to find peace

Whenever you hear a bird sing, a train pass, laughter, a car horn, the wind, the sound of a door closing – use any sound as the bell of mindfulness. Really listen and be present and awake. You can take this to the next level by:

  • Closing your eyes and focusing on your body and how it is functioning

  • Concentrating on your breathing for a few minutes

  • Before you react to anything, observe your reaction and ask yourself why you are reacting that way

3. Mindful and meaningful conversation

Now is a great time to bring awareness to listening and talking. Can you listen without agreeing or disagreeing, liking or disliking, or planning what you will say when it is your turn? When talking, can you just say what you need to say without overstating or understating? Can you notice how your mind and body feel?

4. Increase your awareness

Be aware of any points of tightness in your body throughout the day. See if you can breathe into them and, as you exhale, let go of excess tension. Is there tension stored anywhere in your body when you are stressed or upset? For example, your neck, shoulders, stomach, jaw, or lower back? If possible, stretch or do yoga once a day.

5.Create mindful moments

Mindful Whenever you eat or drink something, take a minute and breathe. Look at your food and realise that the food was connected to something that nourished its growth. Can you see the sunlight, the rain, the earth, the farmer, the trucker in your food? Pay attention as you eat, consciously consuming this food for your physical health. Bring awareness to seeing your food, smelling your food, tasting your food, chewing your food, and swallowing your food.

Making time to incorporate these into everyday life will undoubtedly help you create peace and a space for love during these hectic times.

May we all find ways to meet this moment with love and compassion.

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