Helping You Create a Beautiful Life with Clear Intention to Become your Greatest Version

About Us

Crystal Intention is a personal growth community adding happiness, inspiration and a sense of fulfillment to everyday life!

We deliver thoughtful articles, simple exercises, practical tools, and educational programs on meditation, mindfulness and the law of attraction to our community who are passionate about manifesting the life of their dreams.

At our core we intend to help create a more conscious and connected world by inspiring and teaching people to become the greatest version of themselves while having a little fun.

Our Values


Empathy is at the core of everything we do at Crystal Intention - we strive to stay tuned into the needs and emotions of our community and are always there with care.


Be real. Be you. 

We believe being 100% authentic gives all of us the freedom to break free of learned behaviour to reach our highest self.


Passion fuels our life and mission at Crystal Intention - trusting our heart and honouring our calling will help us all manifest a beautiful life together. 

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